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Artificial intelligence on the go

Whisper is a newcomer to the hearing market, consisting of a group of artificial intelligence, hearing care, hardware, and software experts who have come together to solve the problem of better hearing.

With its portable "AI brain" and novel subscription model, the Whisper Hearing Aid could be a sign of things to come in the hearing aid industry.

The Whisper Brain: Artificial intelligence on-the-go

Whisper does things a little differently than other high-end hearing aids, which usually keep all of their critical circuitry in a module that lies behind the wearer's ear. Whisper hearing aids come with the Whisper Brain - a dedicated separate processor the size of a pack of cards. It uses a Sound Separation Engine, which leverages sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms and powerful cell-phone-quality processors to optimize sound and give a fantastic hearing experience wherever you are. Whisper's algorithms listen to incoming signals to find the most important voice to focus on, then amplify it over the background noise. The AI can distinguish between what you want to hear and what you don't, and it will improve as Whisper's algorithms are continually refined.

iPhone-compatible and USB-rechargeable

The Whisper Brain features a USB port for charging, and Bluetooth connectivity with iPhones is also available via the Whisper Brain.

Take the sting out of paying for hearing aids upfront.

Whisper is available as part of an affordable monthly plan that includes ongoing care from us, a Whisper Hearing System lease, regular software upgrades, and a three-year guarantee that covers the system and loss and damage. 

Are you ready to sample one of the most innovative new hearing aids on the market? To schedule a demonstration, get in touch with us today!

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