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Completely invisible hearing aid

Are you seeking the most discreet and user-friendly hearing aid available?

Take a look at the Phonak Lyric, the world's first completely invisible hearing aid. Those with hearing loss can now have the ultra-compact size they want while also getting the improved hearing they're looking for. 

Absolute discretion

These tiny devices are custom-fit and inserted deep into the ear canal, where they are nearly undetectable. You get all of the discretion that contact lenses provide, but for your ears.

A natural sound

The Lyric microphone and receiver are placed deep in the ear canal, utilizing the ear's natural structure to magnify and provide you with a full, clear, and natural listening experience. 

24/7 hearing

The Lyric is inserted into your ear canal and will deliver months of crystal clear sound. Thanks to patented moisture prevention mechanisms and breathable materials, it will keep performing until it needs to be replaced. For the duration of the device's life, there is no need to remove the hearing aid from your ear. 

Simple to use

There are no batteries to replace, no maintenance to perform, and nothing to remove or put on at night or in the morning. Wear your Lyric in various circumstances, including sports, while sleeping, and even showering. You can wear Phonak Lyric hearing aids even while you're on the phone or listening to music. The Lyric will accompany you everywhere you go.

Contact us today to learn more about the Phonak Lyric.

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