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In 2020 Birkdale Audiology joined Entheos Audiology Cooperative, a group of audiologists around the country who provide high-quality hearing healthcare to those in need, both locally and globally.

Entheos focuses on Best Practices for their members, and brings a reason for their work through serving others.

Through Hear the Call, a non profit organization meant to bring the gift of hearing around the world, Entheos members have helped people in the United States, Guatemala, Jordan, and Africa have access to better hearing and hearing healthcare.

This is our way of being able to give back to our communities. If you know someone in need of financial help for their hearing healthcare needs, please contact us today. 

How you can Help! There are two excellent ways you can help. The first is a monetary donation through our Hearing the Call website. The second option is donating your used hearing aids. Depending on the age and condition of the devices, they will either be used directly for a person in need or salvaged for part and repairs. We appreciate any donations!