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Introducing the new Oticon Intent hearing aid

Oticon Intent features 4D user-intent sensors for personalized hearing support with all-day battery life, discreet design, and seamless connectivity via the Oticon Companion app, transforming the hearing aid experience for users seeking clarity and confidence in dynamic environments.

Oticon Intent offers a groundbreaking approach to hearing support by introducing the world's first hearing aids equipped with 4D user-intent sensors, setting a new standard in personalized hearing care.

Designed for individuals who face challenges in engaging with their surroundings, especially in dynamic and noisy environments, Oticon Intent leverages Sensor Driven BrainHearing Technology to accommodate your listening intentions in real-time. This innovative hearing aid provides clarity, confidence, and connectivity, ensuring that users can stay focused on the moments that matter most.

About Oticon Intent 

1. Clarity: Oticon Intent utilizes 4D Sensor technology to provide unmatched clarity, allowing users to engage more fully in life by hearing more clearly.

2. Confidence: Equipped with an all-day battery life and compact, discreet design, Oticon Intent empowers users to enjoy their day with confidence.

3. Connectivity: Offering seamless connections to devices and people, Oticon Intent enhances interactions with the world around you, from phone calls and video calls to direct streaming from TVs and other smart devices.

4. Personalization: Through the Oticon Companion app, users can easily customize their hearing experience to meet their preferences, find misplaced hearing aids, and connect with their hearing care professionals.

Oticon Intent wearing style and colors

Oticon Intent is designed as a sleek, miniRITE style hearing aid, making it highly discreet and comfortable for all-day wear. Available in nine colors, it allows users to choose a style that best matches their hair color, skin tone, or personal preference. Colors include Silver, Silver Grey, Steel Grey, Diamond Black, Chestnut Brown, Terracotta, Honey Beige, Chroma Beige, and Sky Blue.

Top Features:

- World’s first hearing aid with 4D user-intent sensors

- Sensor Driven BrainHearing Technology for personalized support

- Up to 20 hours of battery life with a quick 30-minute recharge option

- Available in nine colors for personalized style

- Hands-free phone and video calls capability

- Direct streaming from a large selection of smart devices including iPhone, iPad, select Android smartphones, and more

- Easy control and customization through the Oticon Companion app

- Discreet and compact miniRITE style design

Professional fittings of the new Oticon Intent in Huntersville

Oticon Intent represents a leap forward in hearing aid technology, delivering a level of personalized hearing support that truly aligns with the user's intentions and needs. We are proud to offer Oticon Intent to our patients, ensuring you receive the highest quality of care and support for your hearing needs.

Contact us at Birkdale Audiology today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced audiologists and discover how Oticon Intent can help you engage in life like never before.

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