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The most pure, natural sound

Due to the "tinny" and "artificial" sound of previous hearing aid models, some people who have worn hearing aids in the past have had a poor experience. This artificial sound is produced when sound from the hearing aid enters the eardrum a fraction of a second later than sound directly flowing through or around the ear-tip of the hearing aid.

This is why the Widex Moment represents such a significant advancement in hearing aid technology. The company believes it has solved that problem for good with the Widex Moment.

ZeroDelay technology

This is the first hearing aid to feature two distinct sound sources, allowing users to choose between natural and a more artificial sound based on their hearing loss needs. With ZeroDelay, anything that slows down the pace of sound processing is skipped. Its technology provides the fastest digital signal processing ever, with a delay of fewer than 0.5 milliseconds. This platform processes sound up to 7 milliseconds faster than conventional wireless hearing aids, resulting in users' clear and natural sound. You're left with the most natural sound experience out there, which Widex calls PureSound. 

SoundSense Learn: the technology that listens to your needs.

SoundSense Learn is a feature in the Widex Moment app that learns what a person prefers to hear and constantly changes their sound preferences based on this information. After answering a few questions, SoundSense Learn uses artificial intelligence to provide you with the custom sound you're looking for in real-time.

Widex SmartRIC

The Widex SmartRIC is a cutting-edge hearing aid that offers users a seamless and personalized listening experience. With its discreet design and advanced technology, the SmartRIC provides clear and natural sound quality in a variety of listening environments. Equipped with artificial intelligence, it continuously adapts to the user's preferences and surroundings, ensuring optimal hearing performance. Additionally, its convenient connectivity features allow for effortless integration with smartphones and other devices, enabling users to easily manage and customize their hearing experience. Overall, the Widex SmartRIC represents a significant advancement in hearing aid technology, delivering enhanced comfort, clarity, and control for individuals with hearing loss.

If you're seeking the most natural-sounding hearing aids, contact us now to schedule a consultation.

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